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Recycling as a term means returning “recyclable” waste materials that can no longer be used back to the manufacturing system as raw material by employing various recycling methods. As such, waste materials left over from consumed goods are recovered, and any harm these could have caused to the environment or any disruption of nature’s balance is prevented. However, the reuse of recyclable materials as raw materials makes significant energy savings possible. The use of waste materials as raw materials is also important in terms of preventing the pollution of the environment. The use of scrap paper in paper manufacturing could reduce air pollution up to 74%, water pollution up to 35% and water use up to 45%. To give an example, the addition of one ton of waste paper into the wood pulp could prevent the cutting down of 17 additional trees. The collection and reuse of waste paper in the country could lead to significant savings due to the reduction in imports of cellulose and waste paper.  Furthermore, the collection, sorting and transportation of waste paper could create new employment opportunities.

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