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Paper group completely made of cellulose (1st rate Pulp)

Paper Group manufactured from cellulose and wood pulp (newspapers and 3rd rate Pulp)

Paper Group manufactured of waste paper and cellulose mixture (Chroma, corrugated, cardboard)

Paper Group of low yield recycling, manufactured from cellulose (glossy paper)

Our company uses its own vehicles to provide services to the areas where its customers are located. The weight of waste paper delivered to our facilities is measured in tons; however, all paper volumes, even that weighed in kilograms, are accepted. With a very meticulousness approach to environmental cleanliness and order YILKASAN GERİ DÖNÜŞÜM A.Ş. uses the CONTAINER system recently implemented in Turkey in collection operations, and has placed containers and compactors at every location where waste paper might be produced. The system operates by the use of lifts equipped with hooks to carry the empty containers and in this way used ones are hauled easily and quietly. By means of this system, which we have seen many examples of abroad, the empty container is lowered into the site while the full one is lifted up in a period of 3 minutes as the driver operates the system remotely from his/her seat. The loading and unloading operation achieves savings in terms of both time and labor.